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Hear a political discussion of Black leaders in America, including Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King.

What just happened with the Fannie Mae bail out?"

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Where the blame lies for the current crisis; at the feet of the left with some help from the right. Watch the video below for better insight and understanding of our current Financial Crisis.


EXCELLENCE in the 4 E’s!

GROWING the ECONOMY:  I support the inland urban center for distribution of cargo from Long Beach Harbor, providing thousands of JOBS for local Californians, not out-sourcing our jobs to other states and countries. I support protecting PENSIONS, providing for VETERANS, empowering the POOR, and caring for the ELDERLY. I lobbied in Washington to reduce the Social Security Offset to provide earned retirement benefits for workers deprived of their earned benefits.

LOWER GAS PRICES are essential for a good standard of living.  Increased gas prices have increased the cost of goods and services dramatically.  Improved freeways, roads, civic centers, parks, schools, health care, jobs, communities, and essential amenities are important for every community member.   We must solve these crisis issues.

Providing TAX INCENTIVES for small businesses will provide MORE JOBS for you and your families, helping you support your families. I will VOTE for TAX CUTS, not just talk about tax cuts then vote the other way, because LOWER TAX RATES provide MORE JOBS and grow the economy.

I believe every child deserves a QUALITY EDUCATION in a safe environment, including proper materials, teacher and administration experts, and diagnostic tutoring in order to graduate. I have worked very hard in California and in the National Education Association as former chair of the Republican Educators' Caucus of the NEA to increase the graduation rate and reduce the drop-out rate. Students who graduate from high school do better in life than those who drop-out. We must lower the drop-out rate.

SAFE SCHOOLS provide for an optimum education environment where students can learn and succeed. Gang-prevention is essential to providing a quality education for every child. Improved English language and written skills are essential to graduating and maintaining a job. Avid readers provide a productive society that understands the issues of their communities. Every student deserves a text book, proper materials, and quality administrators, staff, and teachers.

CRIME REDUCTION is essential to a better neighborhood, providing safe and clean parks and communities for neighbors. Reduced crime saves money spent for refurbishing neighborhoods providing a safer cleaner community.

CIVIC CENTERS provide a center for local neighbors to participate in civic government, assisting with community decisions of affordable housing, affordable healthcare, crime prevention, clean streets, neighborhoods, parks, infrastructure, and schools.

Ensuring AIR and WATER QUALITY is extremely important for our future. As a science teacher, I know the essential necessities of clean AIR, clean WATER, clean ENERGY, and a clean "Green" ENVIRONMENT for the health of our children and the elderly. Solving water issues and providing clean and efficient fuels are imperative for our future. Toxic clean ups are important to prevent the many exposure risks related to diseases and illnesses. I will work to reduce urban run-off, toxic waste, air pollution, and improve neighborhoods, housing, parks, schools, freeways, infrastructure, and habitat areas. I support free-market based "affordable high-quality healthcare" options for all, and respectful healthcare for the elderly.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES are essential to the future of America. As the remaining super power providing hope for all humankind, we need to become energy independent.  It is important to approve and encourage development of alternative energy sources now.  Waiting will bring difficulties for our future. 

Assuring the security of our nation is essential to our survival and the future of our children and grandchildren.  Secure borders, ensuring safe and legal immigration are essential to a free society, providing educational and economic opportunities to maintain a high quality of life.  As a secure and economically strong nation, we can continue to provide support for nations around the world who find themselves in crisis situations.  It also allows for opportunity to serve as a mentor to other nations to raise their standard of living and quality of life. 

I am dedicated to advancing women’s rights to ensure every American receives fair treatment in all aspects of society, protecting women’s health, and assuring a level playing field in politics and business. I will work hard for you and appreciate your vote of confidence to represent you in Washington DC.